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As the name suggests, Hotspot Shield, is an encryption tool that aims to protect all kinds of Internet connections. Hotspot Shield is relatively easy to use, though this program might not be effective when it comes to public Wi-Fi connections. Otherwise, Hotspot Shield works well enough for a free program.
After installing Hotspot Shield, a small HTML link will become imbedded on a user’s desktop. Users can then double-click on the link, and information detailing a server address, connection status, bytes, and IP address will be revealed. This information can be useful depending on the type of connection that a person is currently using. Other than these basic tasks, Hotspot Shield does not offer any additional features. Still, Hotspot Shield’s interface is straightforward and simple making it an ideal tool for anyone who wants to give it a try.

As with many other free programs, Hotspot Shield is supported by advertisements. As such, users might find large banners on the top of every webpage annoying. There is no way to get rid of these advertisements, but it is a trade-off for using a free program. Hotspot Shield also has a 5GB transfer limit, which might dissuade some users. As a tool that is meant to protect connections, Hotspot Shield does its job with a fair amount of finesse. However, there are must better connection encryption tools available.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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